This article determines the mining conversion efficiency in terms of USD (earned) per Watt input power. Based on this the return on investment for different Monero mining hardware configurations over a livetime of 5 years is calculated. To include a mobile ARM (Snapdragon 660) based mining system the mining software setup on Android is described and the performance of this system is compared to the more standard setups using PC and MAC hardware.

Everyone is talking about doge. Surprisingly, there is no instruction on how to add the famous doge to the widely used Metamask wallet. So here is very briefly how to.

Environment Setup

Why program by hand in five days what you can spend five years of your life automating?

This article presents the results of numerous hours of forum and internet search to design an asymptotically perfect kids mountain bike (MTB). It summarises the design concept, decision making, and some building peculiarities. It addresses parents and experts that would like to get familiar with the unique requirements kids bikes have, such as weight and ergonomics aspects. The result is a 14" frame, 26" wheel-size, 8543g, 100mm suspension fork, ultralight custom kids MTB at a material cost of approximately $1800.

Sven Kuehn

Holds a P.h.D. in bioelectromagnetics, leads the research & development of a Zurich based enterprise, and speed-climbs the summits of the alps.

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