This article determines the mining conversion efficiency in terms of USD (earned) per Watt input power. Based on this the return on investment for different Monero mining hardware configurations over a livetime of 5 years is calculated. To include a mobile ARM (Snapdragon 660) based mining system the mining software setup on Android is described and the performance of this system is compared to the more standard setups using PC and MAC hardware.

I want to start by telling you that you won't become wealthy by attempting to mine Monero. I would instead like to help you not to lose…

Everyone is talking about doge. Surprisingly, there is no instruction on how to add the famous doge to the widely used Metamask wallet. So here is very briefly how to.

First of all, MetaMask will have Ethereum Mainnet selected after setup. You have to change this to the Binance smart chain to add your doge to Metamask.

I explained how to get started with the python-binance library accessing the Binance API in my previous article. Now that I have crypto accounts with Binance, Kraken, Coinbase, Lykke, and a few more, I would have to build an individual interface for all of them. Luckily, with CCXT, there seems to be a common interface to all of them. This article gets you started with CCXT on the examples of Binance and Lykke.

Environment Setup

As for every new Python project, I like to dedicate a virtual environment to it:

mkvirtualenv crypto-python
workon crypto-python
pip install ccxt
pip install pandas
pip install…

Binance is one of the cheapest (in terms of fees) crypto trading platforms out there and it offers an API. I love APIs because they allow me to repeat exactly the same thing without my psyche trying to tricking me. And especially when you go into finance that's pretty important — it comes very handily being a technocrat. Plus: taking myself 20 years back in time I keep remembering this quote:

Why program by hand in five days what you can spend five years of your life automating?

from the book: “Language Translation Using PCCTS and C++: A Reference Guide”…

Nice - but I have my doubts about MPT as it relies on the Efficient Market Hypothesis. Looking at the valuations of most stocks out there right now I don't think quite all stocks trade at their fair value.

This article presents the results of numerous hours of forum and internet search to design an asymptotically perfect kids mountain bike (MTB). It summarises the design concept, decision making, and some building peculiarities. It addresses parents and experts that would like to get familiar with the unique requirements kids bikes have, such as weight and ergonomics aspects. The result is a 14" frame, 26" wheel-size, 8543g, 100mm suspension fork, ultralight custom kids MTB at a material cost of approximately $1800.

There is a growing market for kids mountain bikes (MTB) that can compete with their parents’ high-end bikes. Good examples…

Sven Kuehn

Holds a P.h.D. in bioelectromagnetics, leads the research & development of a Zurich based enterprise, and speed-climbs the summits of the alps.

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